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Dubai Police Vacancy

Dubai Police is responsible for enforcing law in Dubai city of United Arab Emirates. Their jurisdiction area is 4114 square kilometers. Applying for Dubai Police vacancy requires high education standards. Dubai Police are accountable to Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE. Prime Minister is the ruler of Dubai. If we look at the history of Dubai Police, we can see that its origin dates back to 1956. In that year, a police station was founded in Dubai with the name of Naif Fort. There were altogether 29members in this police station. The number of Dubai Police begin to gradually grow over years. Dubai Police shifted their Headquarters to Al- Towar in Dubai in 1973 and since then this has been the Headquarters of Dubai Police.
It is everybody’s dream to get police jobs in Dubai because Dubai is known as the City of Gold. Dubai police are also known for their use of Super Cars like Audi and Lamborghini. Dubai Police are considered to be the most progressive among other Arabic police force. Dubai Police are also among few other Arabic police who has adopt latest technologies in law enforcement. Some of the example of technologies adopted by Dubai Police include electronic finger printing, using GPS technology to track down stolen vehicle and using DNA testing. It is not easy to get police jobs in Dubai because of tough competition.
You need to give DPS exam and pass this test for Dubai Police Recruitment.  Contact Us to get more details on Dubai police vacancy.

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